More About My Appliance Repair Services

Jerry's Affordable Appliance Repair is an appliance repair company that focuses on providing quality services for clients in the area since 2016. Despite the year that my company was founded, I am a professional with 30 years of professional experience working in the industry in Mesa, AZ. Making sure that your appliances are properly repaired is important in order to ensure that they will be functioning properly. Continue reading for more.

appliance repair service

Appliance repair service

I Can Provide the Following:

Kitchen Appliances Repair

These appliances are oftentimes used on a daily basis – whether it is the coffee maker, microwave, oven, or the stove top, I am the professional that you can turn to. I will locate the issue, perform the necessary repairs, and ensure that the appliance is properly functioning before completing the job.

Stove Repair

When your stove is not working correctly, it can disrupt your daily cooking routine. My stove repair service is here to help. I can diagnose and repair a range of stove issues, from faulty burners to temperature control problems. I am committed to ensuring your stove is safe and efficient, allowing you to get back to preparing your favorite meals without any hassle.

Range Repair

A malfunctioning range can throw a wrench into your meal preparation plans. My range repair service is your solution to get things back on track. I am well-equipped to handle a variety of range problems, ensuring your cooking appliance functions flawlessly. I am dedicated to restoring the convenience and efficiency of your kitchen.

Cooktop Repair

Cooking should be a pleasure, not a frustration. When your cooktop is not working as it should, my professional cooktop repair service is at your service. I can swiftly diagnose and repair issues, whether it’s a faulty element, temperature irregularities, or any other problem. Trust me to bring the joy back to your culinary endeavors.

Laundry Appliance Repair

I specialize in laundry appliance repair. Whether your washing machine or dryer is malfunctioning, I have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix the issue promptly. I understand the importance of keeping your laundry appliances in top condition, and my reliable service ensures your laundry routine remains hassle-free.

Other Household Appliances

Whether you need a laundry repair service or maybe another kind of appliance, I can tend to the job. These machines can be complicated to inspect and repair. However, for a professional like myself, you can trust that the job will be done properly. I have worked with many different kinds of brands, models, and sizes so leave it to me.

Inspection & Consultation Services

In order to properly complete the job, I will need to inspect the appliance. If you simply want to know what the problem is, rely on my inspection and consultation services in Mesa, AZ. Once I inspect the appliance and diagnose the issue, I will provide you with my opinion on the best course of action.

Preventive Appliance Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can save your appliances and extend their life. Jerry's Affordable Appliance Repair can provide you with the services that you need in order to ensure that your appliances are functioning properly at all times.

Emergency Appliance Repair Services

Some appliances need to be repaired sooner than later, like a fridge with perishable products inside. You can rely on my emergency services.

If you are in need of a professional appliance repair service, give me a call at (480) 770-6885 now!

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