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What to Expect When Calling out an Appliance Service Technician

An appliance service technician will often install various appliances, perform scheduled maintenance and repairs to damaged units, in addition to replacing parts or systems when it is deemed necessary. Most have general knowledge with regards to appliance repair, and will often work on several different kinds of fixtures and appliances. While others specialize in more specific services, like plumbing or electrical work, or in the appliances they service, for example, refrigerators or ovens. An appliance technician could work for a repair shop or be self-employed.

Most technicians perform maintenance on smaller appliances, like microwaves or vacuum cleaners. They will work in repair shops, where people will bring them their malfunctioning appliances. The technician will take appliances apart in order to diagnose the problem, perform any repairs or replacements, and then put it back together again. However, there are a few repair jobs that will need a more in-depth investigation.

Larger fixtures and appliances will also need maintenance and occasional repairs, and an appliance technician will often install and repair large appliances, such as dishwashers, washers, dryers, ovens, etc. Often, they are called in to perform extensive repairs on electrical systems or gas ranges which have been damaged in some way. So they need to have a strong understanding of the principles of electricity in order to prevent hazards and accidents while working. Some will receive special training when they want to work on refrigerators and freezers, where they will learn what the proper handling and disposal will be with regards to dangerous refrigerants.

With enough training and experience, some technicians go on to open their own businesses and will contract out their services to homeowners and businesses alike. Most will open their own repair shops and hire other technicians, while others go on to become certified electricians or plumbers when they are looking to further their careers.

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